The Global Telecom Carrier for @names and #tags

We manage and route the worlds social media @names and #tags for voice, messaging and payments

What We Do

We manage voice calls initiated using @names and #tags (instead of phone numbers) from social media, websites, or mobile apps for users, businesses, and traditional telecom service providers.

Names Are Easy

It's easier to remember a 'name', numbers can be difficult. We make it easier for users and businesses to recieve calls based on your name without changing your number or service provider

Socially Integrated

Integration with Twitter and other social media networks allow voice calls to be initiated automatically within tweets. Jili and Jili for Business instantly enables your social media @name for voice calls

Business Friendly

Instead of using Toll Free and 1-800 numbers, businesses can use their social media @name for customers to call globally without any international dialing or phone numbers .

Developer Approved

KEOYO's network was built with application developers in mind. Developers who need more features than a mobile app like Jili provides, then try using our SDK on GitHub.

Our Network

We manage and route the global voice network for @names and #tags.

KEOYO operates a next generation voice communications network for social media @names and #tags for users, groups, and enterprise networks. Calls are routed to enterprise networks or inter-connects with traditional telecom, VIOP and mobile service providers directly to SmartPhones, Desk Phones, Cloud/Hosted PBXs, and Call Centers.

The network is integrated with Twitter and can be integrated into websites, mobile applications without the need for building out any infrastructure. With the use of our SDK (software development kit), just use your @name in your integration and your calls are routed directly your network or via your current VOIP service provider.

For more information about inter-connecting with us for your enterprise network, carrier or VOIP Service Provider

Network Features

KEOYO provides a number of advanced features as the global network for resolving and routing @names and #tags, particularly not available on traditional telecom networks.

  • Names and #Tag Routing/Resolution

    Global origination and termination of Alpha-Numeric addresses (@names & #tags) for voice traffic

  • Real-Time Location Based Routing

    GPS location routing from smartphones to any global POP (Points of Presence) for call diversion to call-centers, nearest locations for businesses or sales/support representatives. Calls can be routed globally (without phone numbers) based on business rules, time of day, concurrent-calls, or geo-location

  • Carrier Inter-Connect

    We inter-connect with mobile, traditional telecom, and VOIP Service Providers globally to route @names & #tags to their final destinations. We also translate phone numbers to @names for major carriers for reverse routing.

  • Developer API

    Twitter users and businesses already have their @names enabled for voice calls using Jili or Jili for Business If you need additional capabilities use our SDK (software development kit) to integrate voice calling into any mobile app, website.

Developer Applications

Developers can add @name dialing to any mobile application or website using our SDK (software development kit).

  • Jili for everyone

    Jili lets you call anyone on Twitter

  • Jili for Business

    Jili for Business lets businesses recieve voice calls globally (without phone numbers) from users, followers and customers while routing the calls directly existing phone systems.

To find out more about developing applications for @name voice calls or using our SDK (software development kit) please contact us.