Apps, Devices and Platforms for “smarter” communications

Our apps allow you to call or message anyone using an @name or start a conference call simply by dialing @name#meeting. You can use phone numbers, send text messages and make international calls at very low rates.

Check out @holla

Enhanced Android smartphones and Tablets embedded with our technology and built-in features for using @names #tags, secure international remittances, multiple SIM cards, auto WiFi calling & texting. Specialized network devices with PABX, extension dialing and internet gateway functionality.

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Our network powers application platforms that require services for call centers, international voice, messaging (including SMS), VPNs, domestic and international phone numbers, and electronic payments.

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Call or message anyone using your @name as your number for FREE.  

Start a group voice call using @name#group

 Smartphones and tablets integrated with our network for “smarter” communications using up to 3-SIM cards, WiFi/3G calling and virtual phone numbers.


A different kind of network device for voice, messaging and internet gateway.